Portland, we love you! From the award-winning restaurants, eclectic dining scene, and notable list of local breweries, to the unique shops, incredible offering of live music, and endless outdoor adventure, this Maine city has so much to offer!


There’s just something extra special about spending time in the Old Port – the heartbeat of Portland! At any time of day, and at any time of year, you can expect to see this part of the city full of happy people wandering about—admiring the cobblestone streets and historic architecture, popping into local boutiques, and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of the waterfront.


We’re kind of obsessed with the West End section of Portland, “maine”-ly for the historic New England architecture that reminds me of Boston’s Beacon Hill or NYC’s West Village; not as chic, but I think the abundance of brownstones gives off a similar vibe…anyone else? The West End neighborhood is home to shops, restaurants, and businesses that nestle into the area’s original surroundings, making it unique in today’s city. In the summer, lush greenery takes over the brick-lined streets. Humans and cars are few making this secluded section of town perfect for strolling about and admiring for hours.


Portland’s East Bayside area is nestled between the highway and the Old Port. It has an industrial, up and coming vibe and is home to many local headquarters like popular coffee house, Coffee by Design. It is also home to many hip breweries and distilleries that are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood! We love this trendy part of town…


Home to beautiful homes and stunning views of Casco Bay, the Munjoy Hill is a more residential area. In this section of the city, you’ll find tremendous restaurants. There are beautiful walking and bike paths along the water (called the Eastern Promenade or Eastern “Prom” if you want to sound like a local:). On top of the hill is a spacious grassy park with breathtaking water views – perfect for a picnic, playing frisbee, or taking a nap in the sun!


Sprinkled with cool shops and restaurants, this part of Portland is home-y and residential, with an unexpected “cool factor”. The famous Portland Head Light is here too, and as you might expect, the views here are STUNNING!

Cheers to endless fun in Maine’s hip, diverse, always inspiring city of Portland!