Exciting news, friends! Becky at Portland, Maine-based business, Wildwood Oyster Company just launched a new jewelry line inspired by Maine’s abundant and alluring rockweed seaweed, and it’s official: we’re into it!

The collection includes bracelets, rings, and necklaces that capture the stunning rockweed seaweed bubbles that define the New England coast. 


Seaweed Rings

Beautifully sophisticated, this elegant seaweed ring is perfect for any look. This solid sterling silver ring captures the signature rockweed seaweed bubbles in such a delicate, yet striking, way. You’ll find a special icon (i.e., pine trees, the ocean, sea gulls, an oyster shell, heart, or WO for Wildwood Oyster Co.) engraved in the ring.

Seaweed Necklace

Channel your inner mermaid with this one-of-a-kind statement necklace. This 10K gold plated necklace captures the magic of rockweed seaweed bubbles in a breathtaking way, and it’s a unique design you can’t quite look away from. 

Seaweed Bracelets

These timeless bracelets bring a hint of fresh salt air into your everyday look. We’ve captured the stunning rockweed seaweed bubbles that define the New England coast in a way you can almost smell the salt air. Seaweed bracelets come in four finishes: sterling silver, polished brass, seaside teal patina, and summer night black.