There’s nothing quite like a Maine daytrip or weekend getaway, so this week we’re extra excited to share our Peaks Island, Maine Travel Guide with you! So, without further a do…

Let your mind wander back to a time when laundry dried on clotheslines, when cars rarely touched rural roads, and when summer days meant spending endless hours on the front porch with family and friends. This is reality on Peaks Island, Maine—a laid-back, island town where homes are humble, living is simple, and locals catch up with fellow islanders at the only market in town.

Peaks Island is a 17-minute ferry ride from downtown Portland, Maine. My brother, who lives in Portland, recommend this afternoon excursion for the stunning coastal views and peaceful bike path that circles this small, rocky island. My family and I hopped aboard the Casco Bay Lines Ferry and arrived in a charming village that felt like it was 100 miles away. It took us about an hour, by bike, to leisurely glide along the quiet roads, while stopping to take pictures along the way. The panoramic views of Casco Bay nearly took my breath away…

We passed classic New England homes, vacationers picnicking on the shore, and small groups of daytrippers popping into the local ice cream shop before catching the ferry back to Portland.


The Inn on Peaks Island 

Il Leone (Seasonal)

Hannigan’s Island Market

The Umbrella Cover Museum

Island Lobster Company

Take a Peak

Down Front Ice Cream

The Harbor View at Jones Landing

Milly’s Skillet

I find it interesting, when traveling, to stumble upon unique things that are so commonplace to the inhabitants. The first thing that caught my attention was that almost everyone, locals and tourists alike, get around on golf carts—my dream vehicle. I always thought that was such a “Bahamian” thing. But I’m happy to be proven wrong. Another unique find that “peaked” (pun intended) my interest was the The Umbrella Cover Museum. It’s exactly what you’d think of and it really does exist. I was pleased to stumble upon an honor-system honey stand (locally made on Peaks Island) at the end of a long road that lead to the ocean. Of course, we had to get some because nothing’s better than local, honor-system honey. Right?

After about two hours, we boarded the ferry back to Portland for dinner (More to come on that fabulous little city later!).  In my mind, two hours was the perfect amount of time on Peaks Island but, if you pack a picnic, swimsuit, and a book, you could easily spend all day there!

How do you feel about simple living? Have you been to Peaks Island?