Welcome to MAINE! We’re so glad you’re here!

At Maine Lately, we’re always celebrating the beautiful scenery, community, and small businesses that make Portland and the surrounding areas truly shine. Whether you’re a local, or just popping to town for a visit—we are so happy you’ve joined us in our happy place—there is so much to do, see, eat, and explore here!!

Maine Fun, Here I Come…

People Say the nicest things

I really enjoyed reading about all your local finds. Seacoast Lately is one of the few newsletters from my inbox that I actually read!”

Geneve, Seacoast Local

Seacoast Lately is your one-stop shop for all things local. I feel like I’m always in the loop with new shops, products, restaurants, concerts, and events in the area. I love it!!!

Brianna, Seacoast Local

I look forward to my Seacoast Lately email each week! You do such an amazing job of getting to know and highlighting all of the magical people, places & things our beautiful Seacoast has to offer. Thank you for making me feel really cool when I know all the newest companies and events happening around town!

Whitney, Seacoast Local

Seacoast Lately is such a wonderful resource for both tourists and locals of the Seacoast area. You get the latest on what’s happening and the best recommendations of what’s going on in local Seacoast businesses. I love the passion Seacoast Lately brings to our community and the way it makes us love, appreciate, and get to know this beautiful place even more!

Alexa, Seacoast Local

Seacoast Lately is my go-to for local businesses and events! The holiday gift guides were a perfect way to keep my shopping within the community. And the insta-feed reminds me just how beautiful the Seacoast really is, year-round.

Lindsey, Seacoast Local

Due largely to all of the great Instagram posts from Seacoast Lately, we stopped for the first time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on our way to Maine. We had a blast, spent a ton of money, ate great food, and plan to go back ASAP. What a wonderful city.

Seacoast Visitor,